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  • Matam Atyavasyam

    Matam Atyavasyam

    Author: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA Model:sv_matam Availability: In Stock

    Of all the forces that have worked and are still working to mould the destinies of the human race, none, certainly, is more potent than that, the manifestation of which we call religion. Swamiji expounds the need of religion .This one of his main lecture in Jnanayoga Series ,Necessity of religions Jnanayoga 1st lecture

  • Bhagavad Gitayiloote

    Bhagavad Gitayiloote

    Author: Miscellaneous Model:Gita008 Availability: In Stock

    We are upgrading,It will come soon..

  • Ezhunnelkkoo… Unaroo..

    Ezhunnelkkoo… Unaroo..

    Author: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA Model:svezunroo Availability: In Stock

    Ezhunnelkkoo… Unaroo..,Arise Awake inspiring quotes from Complete works

  • Balathinte Rahasyam

    Balathinte Rahasyam

    Author: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA Model:svbalrs Availability: In Stock

    Strength related quotes from Complete works

  • Dampatimarute Katamakal

    Dampatimarute Katamakal

    Author: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA Model:svdmpk Availability: In Stock

    Duties of householders selection from Complete works

  • Balamanu Jeevitam

    Balamanu Jeevitam

    Author: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA Model:svbl Availability: In Stock

    Some selective  of Fiery Words  of Swamiji..,Strength related quotes from Complete works

  • Ente Kuttikalkku

    Ente Kuttikalkku

    Author: SRI SARADA DEVI Model:HM1 Availability: In Stock

    Selection from Sri Sarada Devi saying

  • Aptavakyangal Sri Ramakrishna

    Aptavakyangal Sri Ramakrishna

    Author: Miscellaneous Model:SRK4 Availability: In Stock

    God alone is real, Siva Jnana Jiva Seva  etc..Translation of Flash of Sri Ramakrishna, small  collection of saying of Sri Ramakrishna 

  •  Atmaviswasam


    Author: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA Model:sv16 Availability: In Stock

    Collection of Complete works of Swami  Vivekananda about Self confidence

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