Aitareyopanishad - Shankarabhashyam

Aitareyopanishad - Shankarabhashyam

Aitareyopanishad - Shankarabhashyam
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Thrissur
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Aitareyopanishad is one of the upanishads that Sri Shankacharya  commentated upon.
  Extraordinarily, the Acharya has also written a detailed introduction to this Upanishad  which
  shows seriousness with which the Acharya looked upon this upanishad.



The subjects that Aitareyopanishad deals with  include the creation and development of the worlds, the world-sustainers and the  human beings, entry of the deities like Agni (Fire) into the sense organs, grasping  of food by Prana, entry of the Supreme Being into the body, the utility of the  Knowledge of God, Vamadeva Rishi’s attainment of Self-Knowledge, entry of Jiva  (individual soul) into the womb, worship of the Supreme Godhead and the  attainment of liberation. In the earlier translations of this upanishad,  translators have given the ideas given in Shankaracharya’s commentary. However,  this book is special because the upanishad
  as well as the commentary have been translated fully.

his Upanishad is contained in the Rig Veda and forms a part of the Aitareya Aranyaka. With Sanskrit verses and its English rendering, followed by an authentic translation of Sri Shankaracharya’s commentary, this Upanishad distinctly expounds the goal of human life to be the realization of the identity of the individual soul and the Supreme Soul. This it does by the method of adhyaropa and apavada, that is, assumption of names and forms and their negation.


Book : Aitareyopanishad - Shankarabhashyam
Category : മലയാളം പുസ്‌തകങ്ങൾ
Publisher : Sri Ramakrishna Math, Thrissur
ISBN : 9789387166042
Publishing Date : 03/06/2017
Edition : 1
Language : Malayalam
Binding : Perfect Bind
Number of Pages : 152

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