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  • Pictorial Ramayana

    Pictorial Ramayana

    Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai Model:BK 0001556 Availability: In Stock

    The story of Indian’s classic mythology is retold here for children with many rich color drawings.A delightful story to read to young children and kids.

  • Vivekachudamani of Sri Sankaracarya

    Vivekachudamani of Sri Sankaracarya

    Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai Model:BK 0001587 Availability: In Stock

    A most valuable and lucid compendium of Advaita philosophy describing the transcendental knowledge of Brahman, and the way to achieve it through discrimination and meditation. Vivekachudamani means Crest-jewel of discrimination. In this book, Adi Shankara describes developing Viveka – the faculty of discrimination as the primary task in spiritual life. It has the form of dialogue between the master and the disciple where the master explains to the disciple the step by step path towards God realization.

  • Vedanta In Practice

    Vedanta In Practice

    Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai Model:BK 0000083 Availability: In Stock

    The aim of this book is to show us how to avail ourselves of the great principle of Vedanta so that they will become part of our daily lives; to teach us how we can put them into practice and live by them every moment of our existence.

  • The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna (Abridged Edition)

    The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna (Abridged Edition)

    Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai Model:BK 0000156 Availability: In Stock

    Export of this book to countries other than Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, and Sri Lanka is expressly Prohibited.

    Conversations of Sri Ramakrishna with his disciples and devotees. Accurately and vividly recorded by M., Mahendranath Gupta. This is a direct source of the message and spiritual teachings of Master.

  • Bhagavad Gita – The Scripture of Mankind (An Economy Edition)

    Bhagavad Gita – The Scripture of Mankind (An Economy Edition)

    Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai Model:BK 0000509 Availability: In Stock

    This pocket edition of the Bhagavad Gita is specially meant for those who do not know the Devanagari script and would like to have the Text in Roman script with a plain English translation. It will be useful also for those who want to carry a great scripture even to their work place in order to seek holy company in the midst of work.

  • Self Knowledge of Sankaracarya

    Self Knowledge of Sankaracarya

    Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai Model:BK 0000611 Availability: In Stock

    *This book is for sale in India only and cannot be exported.

    The Atmabodha or Self-Knowlege, is a short treatise on Advaita Vedanta, the philosophy of Non-dualistic Vedanta. It consists of only sixty-eight verses in melodious Sanskrit and is believed to have been composed by Sankaracharya, the great philosopher of Non-dualism. This is an english translation of Sankaracarya’s Atmobodha with Notes, Comments and Introduction by Swami Nikhilananda.

  • The Mind and it's Control

    The Mind and it's Control

    Publisher: Advaita Ashrama Model:BK 0000066 Availability: In Stock

    The control of the mind is not a problem peculiar to religious aspirants; people in all walks of life need to control their minds if they are to succeed in their respective vocation. No fundamental work for the uplift of the individual or of the community can ever be done without the mind being controlled. This book which sets forth the teachings of Vedanta and Yoga on the nature of the mind and ways of controlling it is meant for one and all.

  • Lectures from Colombo to Almora

    Lectures from Colombo to Almora

    Publisher: Advaita Ashrama Model:BK 0001084 Availability: In Stock

    After his memorable work in the West, Swami Vivekananda landed in Colombo on 15 January 1897. During his passage from Colombo to Kolkata, and from there to Almora, he had delivered electrifying lectures at different places, rousing the Indian masses from their age long siesta. These made the Indian masses aware of the greatness of their own culture and glorious heritage, and the distinctive role they ought to play in due course as far as the world peace and amity was concerned by the dissemination of spiritual ideas. In this book the reader can get a glimpse of what India stands for and where lies its true strength. This collection of thirty highly informative and inspiring lectures is specially meant for all those who are eager to learn about the glory of Indian culture and civilization.

  • Jnana yoga

    Jnana yoga

    Publisher: Advaita Ashrama Model:BK 0001212 Availability: In Stock

    In the pages of this book one comes across a brilliant exposition of the philosophy of Vedanta and its practice through the method of enquiry and discrimination. These lectures were delivered by Swami Vivekananda at London and New York. The great Swami’s exposition of a subject so abstruse in a style which makes its comprehension easy even for an ordinary man is nothing short of a miracle in English language. One of the best books dealing with the path of discrimination for attaining the summum bonum of human life and hence very important, not only for the seekers of truth, but also for the academicians and students of Vedanta.

  • Bhakti yoga

    Bhakti yoga

    Publisher: Advaita Ashrama Model:BK 0001211 Availability: In Stock

    Love in its varied aspects is the motive force behind all the actions of living beings. But love takes its highest form when directed towards the God. Among the different paths leading man towards the attainment of the Supreme Truth is the one of love, devotion, and complete surrender. In this book Swami Vivekananda expounds how this path of Bhakti leads man to God. Being an exposition by one of the pioneers in the religious and spiritual realm of the modern times, the value of this work need not be emphasized. Lucid, simple, and to the point, the words of the Swami touch the hearts of the readers and puts them on to the divine path of love supreme.

  • Raja yoga

    Raja yoga

    Publisher: Advaita Ashrama Model:BK 0001173 Availability: In Stock

    Raja yoga, is the royal path of meditation. As a king maintains control over his kingdom, so can we maintain control over our own ?kingdom??the vast territory of the mind. The basic premise of raja yoga is that our perception of the divine Self is obscured by the disturbances of the mind. If the mind can be made still and pure, the Self will automatically, instantaneously, shine forth.

    The first part of the book comprises lectures on Raja Yoga delivered by Swami Vivekananda in New York. The second part is a free translation of the aphorisms of Patanjali by Swamiji, with a running commentary.


  • Karma yoga(english)

    Karma yoga(english)

    Publisher: Advaita Ashrama Model:AVE034 Availability: In Stock

    There are several means of realizing God. The path of selfless work is one among them. This book contains eight lectures delivered by Swami Vivekananda on the practical application of the teachings of Vedanta to the affairs of daily life, showing how it is possible to lead the highest life and ultimately realize the Self without abandoning the duties and avocations of one’s life in the world. It shows the readers the technique of converting the mundane activities of everyday life into a means of attaining supreme felicity.

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